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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Carlo Magno a.ka. Charlie

For those who wants to know, my real name is Charlemagne, and Carlo Magno is another version of the name. I like it both, but Carlo Magno is for me, better sounding, with class, so to speak, in my opinion (might be a brand of underwear someday, for I am planning to put up and underwear store being an uderwear addict that I am, why not make a business out of it, right?).

My friends call me Charlie.


  1. Charlemagne Tamondong Wahahahaha! I have to do me one lyk this.

  2. hey, saan mo nakuha yang NUTRINIONAL fact thing nayan... i also want one for me...aheheeh

    saang website or program yan??? msg mo naman akin oh..aheheh MAJOR CHARLIE,,,pls.. mwa! ahehehe