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Monday, January 26, 2009

Worthwhile Friends

It is always a blessing to meet new friends. It was always said that friends are precious and angels to help you and guide and be with you in your journey towards life.
I am blessed to have found these people whom you see in the pictures.
Von, Zhari and Ivy, we’re like sisters in a way. Four individuals who in one way or another compliments each other, Von with his outgoing and great personality, Zhari the clown, the little sister, the “loka” and Ivy, just simply the best. I love these guys! It was always a great time when we are together, whether just talking the night away, eating, shopping or “tsismisan” to the nth level, I always feel good whenever we part (aside from Von who is my roommate).

Raffi and Ardon, well, formerly housemates now good friends too. Raffi with his no-care at all, what have you attitude, sense of humor and cool personality, which I like so much and Ardon, well, despite his “closet-ness” if ever there’s a word, his constant singing until his lungs beg for mercy, is a cool person too. I like the way Raffi let things be, he never let anything and anyone bother him to the point of irritation. Whilst Ardon, well, the singer, or so he thinks, ha! “Etchos!” He still has to reconcile his true self with himself, if you catch my drift! “Kalokah!”
Together all these people make my life fun, exciting, colorful and most of all meaningful. In a place where life can be such a drag, all of them are best friends despite our individual differences and misunderstandings, but that’s what life is all about! Overlooking the flaws and just enjoy each moment together.
Like what I said, I am blessed.

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