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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Saudi Arabia

Of all countries in the world that I prayed to work in, God sent me to Saudi Arabia.

I never dreamt of going here, in fact I sometimes made jokes about it.

But here I am, in the land of desert sands, camels, strict culture and men in "thobes."

Where it is forbidden to look at women (how can you? when they are covered in "abaya" from head to foot), people pray five times a day, and the weather is from extreme hot to below zero freezing cold!

Anyway, people adapt to their environment, so I can say, I made Saudi my home, for the meantime.

Life here is extreme also, from super boring to great adventures.

It is up to you how you will make your life here. I see a lot of my "kababayans" who think that working themselves to exhaustion is the norm here.

Yes, there are no clubs here, no cinemas, no partying (so to speak), no alcohol (yeah, right!), but there are many things to do to alleviate yourself from stress and boredom.

I myself read books, go to malls (except on family days, when no single person can enter malls, only families) for window shopping, play with my laptop, listen to music...shopping...eat out with new friends or just hang out...shopping...try to see places, explore areas...shopping...and meet men and shopping!

There are house parties, but we are careful not to be too loud with our music as "mutawas" might notice and we all might end up having a jail party or worse, inmates might have a "party" from us.

It's almost two years now...I am thinking, how about 3 more? But I sure am going to miss this country after that for reasons you'll know as I update this blog of mine. God, how I miss blogging!

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