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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Seven Deadly Sins - Pride

We were told in one form or another, that there are sins when committed will surely earn us an all expense paid, no round trip ticket, to hell. Human as we are, we are prone to these sins, all of them for a fact.
Let me enumerate and define each one:
What it is: Pride is excessive belief in one's own abilities, that interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.
Why you do it: Well-meaning elementary school teachers told you to "believe in yourself."
Your punishment in Hell will be: You'll be broken on the wheel.
Associated symbols & suchlike: Pride is linked with the horse and the color violet.
Whenever we did something worthwhile that gains popularity or praise, we can’t help but felt proud of ourselves and our accomplishments. So much that sometimes it gets to our head and we look down at others’ effort. The first deadly sin and summarizes everything, is PRIDE. We are arrogant, snotty, snob, and look at others as lower than us. We put ourselves to a level of too much confidence and boastful atmosphere that people start to hate us.
We are better than others, beautiful than others, intelligent than others, we are the best and overlook our own faults. We have an ego as big a holiday float on a parade! We never seem to be at peace whenever someone else has overrun us. Someone else has a better thing going and we try to put them down.
I am guilty of this sin, at times I tend to look down at other people because of their inefficiencies and lack of sensitivity, their shortcomings and faults. (I sound like being proud right now, sigh.) It will be hard not to, there is no excuse, but it will be hard. God, help!

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