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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ode To Death

There's this line from the movie, THE MUMMY, that tells something about death and dying and goes like "Death is just the beginning."

Death is just the beginning, well, for me it is. I believe when one dies, an everlasting life comes after, the Bible tells us about this also. God promises an everlasting life, given that one believes in Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

Nonetheless, a sad day came to my family once again when our Tita Elsa died of cancer a week ago. It was so sudden and to think she was there at my brother's wedding last Dec 6th and I was told she was also there in the family gathering in a resort a week after that when one of my cousins from the states came to visit.

I don't have much memories of my Tita Elsa, but whenever I think about her, scenes of laughter, smiles and the way she calls me "Jon" with a little "lambing" to it, makes me teary eyed at the same time smile. She was always the first during gift giving at Christmas, being the eldest of 10 siblings. She will definitely be missed. Like the rest of our loved ones who were called by the Lord, Tita Paz and of course my father.

Death, are you afraid to die? I believe also that only those have not lived their life yet, are afraid to die. I am afraid to die, because I still have lots of things to do, places to go to and see. I still have to see my family is well off and happy.

But we don't own our lives, it is in God's hands. When He say time is up, then we only have to obey. He alone knows when you already lived your life. Because sometimes, we are too preoccupied with many things that we forget that we already did what we are supposed to do in this life.
Death, a sad time, when someone dies, we cry. It's as if the world had ended, like we lost an arm or a leg. We sometimes feel helpless, alone and vulnerable. Yes, we can cry ourselves to sleep, but tomorrow will always come, it's a new start.

Our loved ones will forever be in our hearts, for that is where their legacy will remain. As long as we remember the happy times, their smiling faces, their words of wisdom, their good examples and relived them, then they will always be there with us.

Death is just the beginning, yes, because we begin a new life without them, it is a test,that whatever they instill in us, we would learn to apply in our daily lives until such time when we will be together again.

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