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Thursday, January 15, 2009


I Am What I Am
I am what I am, love me or hate me. Take me as I am, do not contain me. I will free myself and never catch me.I am my own person, do not attempt to change me. I will change if I find it the right thing to do.I like things the way it is, but am not uptight for sudden changes.I will never agree with something against my point of view. But I will give way to yours.If I fall for you, I really fell for you. I will stay by you until you tell me go.I have my life you have yours, I will never interfere with your dreams.You got to live it and go for it. I will support you. But it would be nice to build our lives together.I will love you for all that you are and expect you to do the same.I believe in what goes around, comes around.Be kind, be sweet, be thoughtful. Surprise me. I love it.I love my family, I will love yours if you love mine.I love my friends, respect them and I'll befriend yours.Don't tell me what to do, I know what is right and what is wrong. Unless I misjudged what I am doing.Just be who you are and we'll take it from there. Likewise.
from my Old Blog Post, dated: Oct 31, 2006


  1. Hi! What's cookin'? Nice blog. I think you are a nice person.

  2. Hello! Thanks! I am a nice person? It's for you to find out my friend, he he! And an Ilonggo eh? Nice.