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Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Acknowledgement

Today I won 2nd Place in the Portraiture Category at my first photo contest. It was heart warming and exciting, finally, an acknowledgement in the form of a judged photo by professional people. Now I know for sure that I am doing it right.

My apologies if I may sound a bit redundant when it comes to this subject, really I am pursuing this passion with everything I've got and who knows where it lead me. ( Travelling around the world is my ultimate goal, Oh God give me the opportunity! AMEN!)

Any, here's my winning shot:

We submitted  unedited photo shots, and was told to shoot any subject for a portrait. A good friend is there to assist in modeling for us (I am not the only one who took her picture) but each had to have his own concept.
I intentionally brought with me some mascarade masks (which I will using again in another concept which I am planning to execute sometime soon, but I have to have it in black though, a black spray paint will do, I think) and good thing I have a green one to match her scarf.
Now the yellow collar that peeked out was intentional, I let it cause I want something to break the monotony of the green color, however, in the end I find it distracting in the overall impact of the photo, but it's too late.

The judges were professional photographers who are masters in their own right, they judged the photos technically and was keen in lighting, composition and relevance to the theme.

I am happy that I got a place, and this serves as an inspiration to move further and learn more about the nitty-gritty of photography.


  1. Wow!! I've seen this picture so many times since you published it and I never noticed that little speck of yellow. I'm a details person and if I didn't notice it then it must not have taken anything from the photo. It's hard to take anything away from such a beautifully fantastic picture like "Madame Flutterbye!" Job well done, hard work paid off, prize is well deserved!!! love to you friend.

  2. I am a neophyte in photography and would love to explore its world. Problem is I got no enough time. Any thoughts on how I can pursue?

    By the way, I followed you coz I find your blog interesting. I also work here in KSA. Let's exchange links. :))

  3. BTW, I just awarded you with the versatile blogger award, see my post here http://www.jayradarafol.blogspot.com/2012/04/versatile-blogger.html