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Monday, March 26, 2012

Simplicity And The Heart

There is a simple thought that we should learn about, that there is joy in pursuing less. Through it all, I have discovered that this thought appeals and resounds in the heart. Some people may argue with me and prove I am wrong, but I have come to an understanding that simplicity, the intentional promotion of the things I most value and the removal of anything that deviate me from it, is a message of invitation that is to appreciated, desired and should be accepted when offered.

Bottom line, simplicity adheres to the heart because, our heart knows that possessions does not mean joy. Happiness can never be found in having more, it is found in the pursuit of our lasting passions. Our heart knows freedom when we live it. Possessions burden us, far more than we think. Our heart longs to be free and to be only tied to things of true worth.

Our heart longs for financial sense. No one lives for the sake of having large amounts of debts. Our souls desire to live within means and not as a slave to credits. To be simple means financial freedom. 

Our heart knows what is true. Many live a lie, running after things of limited nature. Society, culture and advertisement promise lasting enjoyment in bigger homes, fancier cars and in season clothing. But lasting fulfillment can never be found in short-lived pursuits. Our heart knows when it is being faked. Most of the time we acquire things to put on a facade to act like we are successful, famous, put together and all figured out. But deep inside we know we are not. And more so, in the deepest part we long to stop pretending and be real and vulnerable. 

Our heart desires to follow a dream, and pursue a passion. I am sure nobody would say, or very few would say that owning something is their GREATEST desire. I think most will say that they long to find love, meaning and live bigger lives than themselves. Simplicity gives the means for our heart to accomplish its greatest desires. Out heart finds happiness in lasting worth. What we see are mostly temporary and what we cannot are eternal. Our souls would want to live for the things that truly matter by finding joy in the invisible, lasting things that cannot be bought with money.

Out heart longs for the higher self. Contentment, generosity, gratitude and self control. I would like my life to be remembered and described with those words and owning less allows more opportunities for these positive habits to shine through.

However, we have been fooled. As a collective society, we have fallen to the lie that there is greater joy in having more. But we all know that is not true, right? Our heart has been fighting to have less of the things that  of no value all the while. 
It's time we stop running after empty pursuits and start listening to our heart that knows who we are best instead.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head, so-to-speak, when you said, "we have fallen for the lie that there is greater joy in having more." The lie you speak of here is told by the enemy, Satan. The Bible says, "He walks about as a lion seeking whom he may devour." How does he devour? By bombarding us with lies like this one. Telling us if we work harder we can have more and having more will solve all of our problems and bring us joy. It's a lie!!! How can matters of the flesh as in, temporal things, satisfy the needs of our soul? It can't. But his attempt is at taking our eyes off of the things that have eternal value and contain love and compassion for one another. As we know, there's no compassion for someone that you're walking all over as a corporate giant. Many find that out for themselves. Thank you for posting such an honest and forthright saying, Carlo!!