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Sunday, March 18, 2012

What Had Transpired

Been away too long again, my apologies my friends, I was just a bit busy juggling between work and honing my  photography skills that I've been active in my other blog (www.carlomagnophotos.blogspot.com) so much I almost forgot about my writing...my apologies once again.

What had happened earlier this month? Well, there were some events that transpired that seemed like a roller coaster ride of emotions. First, I had my birthday last 7th, so well wishers are still welcome and gifts are still accepted, lols! I had a simple day, I prayed and thank God for another year, I am something-something years old and glad to know that no one still could ever really guess! A couple of dear friends surprised me with the biggest blueberry cheesecake I had ever seen including the cutest birthday cake candle! It just made my day! Had a health check up a week after and happy  to know that I am still at the peak of my health, amen!

Got back into running and it just feels so good afterwards! Going 3.5 Km every other night, and long hot shower afterwards. It just takes a minute upon lying on my dusty bed and I am in dreamland.

There was also some happy news that my two sisters are both pregnant at  the same time, and will deliver on the same month in September..however this was immediately replaced by a sad one when my youngest sister, lost hers. I was already reeling with joy and happiness, until the news came. Although it was still early, probably wasn't fully developed yet, obviously. I talked with my sister and lend a support, told her that maybe it not yet time. We decided to call the baby Justine, although we didn't get to know which gender the baby was, but we think the name is good enough for both. Now we have a little angel named Justine who can watch over us.

Been practicing non-stop with my photography and eventually joined my first photo contest where the result is still a couple of weeks away, so I am in anticipation as to the results. Win or lose, does not matter, what is important is that I did my best and I had so much fun! My photoblog is almost daily updated and you are all invited to take a peek and enjoy the photos.

There were many good reviews and hopefully one day someone would really take notice and give me a break! Or someone would sponsor and help me acquire more accessories, meet new people who would inspire me, and travel to many places and capture all the beauty the world has to offer. I met a new friend via her comments and become close online. We laughed at our antics and life's experiences. She was a blessing and I really appreciate how she sees my photos, and expresses her reactions.

I am going to try to go to Egypt again in August or September, by land and sea. Cheaper, more exciting, and I would really feel the excitement of seeing the country. A friend and I will be backpacking from Riyadh to Jeddah, and by ship across the Red Sea to the historic Suez Canal, then go by train to Alexandria! Then travel across the country passing through the Upper and Lower Egypt, two weeks of non-stop sight seeing and photoshoots! I bet when we get back to Saudi, we will so exhausted, but I know it will be all worth it!

A chance to meet a dear friend and a life-guide there too.

Work had become tight, but still surviving. Too many workloads, but still manageable. We lost a co-worker because of a transfer, but I am hoping that a replacement will come soon, before we cry for a life-support system! Lols!

Lately there's a constant sandstorm here, I gave up cleaning my room, and now looking more like an old attic full of dusts and smelling like a desert! It is so tiring to constantly vacuum and wipe dusts! Not to mention sleeping wearing a surgeon's mask! How can you sleep when you literally inhaling dusts! Well, I live in a desert country, what do I expect?

So, March is already half it's way and soon April comes, how fast time do flies! Until next time!

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  1. Finally!! I've been checking and checking for you to post here. Like I said once before on here, you should be a writer too. Anyway, glad to see you back. Love the pics even though I already was a lucky recipient of them on the day they were taken. Neener neener neener, some of us are special to Carlo, lol, just kidding. Love to tease. I wish I had your energy at so and so age. I can't even imagine being so blessed as to travel like you do. Be careful and as always, my prayers go with you sweety.