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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mafi Mushkala!

We have a pet cat in the house, we took her when she was still a kitten,cute,cuddly and playful. We thought she's gonna outgrown her playfulness, but after a year, she became these cute yet crazy cat that sometimes I am tempted to kick the hell out her, specially when she broke dishes and vases!

We call her sometimes "balisang pusa" or a cat in drugs, for she has this habit of running around like crazy, jumping from sofa to sofa, she even jumps and hook her claws on walls and hang there for a second or two, Spiderman, wstch out! Here comes Spidercat!
But I had fun feeding her, everytime I come home from work, she is already waiting for me beside her feeding plate, purring and looking at me in all cuteness and innocence and who could refuse that?
She also has this, well, I think, Arabian-air in her, that whenever she lies on top of a trhow pillow or on the sofa, she looks regal and sophisticated like any high-class Arabian woman as you can see in the picture! Haha!

Well, I'll miss her soon , for her owner will move house and take her with him.
It's the memory anyway. I never really am fond of cats, I like dogs more, but this is the first time I had a cat for a pet, and it's not that bad.
Mafi Mushkala is her name, an Arabic word for "No Problem."


  1. Naku, ayoko ng puso. Napaka-ingrata! They only need you if they want you. If they don't have a need for you, deadma lang sila! Tama b? It's unlike dogs. Sweet everytime. Lapitan mo lang nagtatalon na. Ang pusa, he'll circle at your feet tapos lalayas na.

  2. i love cats. i love how they're so regal and you don't always have their full attention. effort siya to win them over. hehe sad for ur kitty :(