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Monday, March 30, 2009

Broken Rosary

When I took out my rosary last night from my purse to pray, it was broken. On the second decade between teh eighth and the ninth bead, so I tried to fixed it and i did. During the course of my first set of Holy Mary's, it broke again. I fixed it while saying my prayers and fixed, I continued until I finished.

Today I asked my friend Ivy, whether there is any significance that my rosary is broken.

She told me, not to be morbid, but there was a supersitious belief in the Philippines that someone might die when a rosary got broken.

I got a bit scared.

But like any superstition, you can just shrug it off. But I called my mom back home just to check on her, and she is perfectly fine, just missing her children so much.

Thinking about it, I have my own feeling as to why it broke. You see, since I started, everytime I pray the rosary, my heart beats fast, it's like a feeling of nervousness, I am short-breathed.

It's like my body is fighting it off.

And I know perfectly why, cause I am a sinner, and the Enemy doesn't want me to give up all the "nice things" he gave me.He wants me to stay as I am, and live my old ways.

He wants me to fail.

God knows I am weak, that's why I need Him more than ever.
I need reinforcement. So God sent me an Angel to help me get through it.

He gave me Ivy.

And both of us held on to each other's strength by praying together.

Bead by bead, decade by decade, we pray and dedicate each decade to current issues and prayer requests.

Amazing that, through all these, God answered a wish, not a prayer but a wish. I told her this. When I was young and the eldest of the brood of five. I wished for an Ate and of all places, she was given to me here.

God is good.

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  1. Few months back, I had to braid my rosary again because it snapped. Kulang na nga rin ang mga beads.

    But that's okay because it didn't stop us from praying the rosary.