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Friday, February 5, 2010


Here I am writing again about friendships.
How many people do we meet and call friends? I am not sure anymore. I used to measure friendships with the degree of togetherness and the times they're there when you are down, and share your joys and pains. But that became a question because of an incident.

Nonetheless, I come to terms with the issue and slowly letting it go.
Saw this movie Dostana, a Bollywood Movie set in Miami, Florida. Dostana is an Indie word that mean a Friend. A very light story of three friends, two guys, Kunal, a fashion photographer and Sameer, a Nurse and a gal, Neha who is an aspiring magazine editor. Both men are in love with the girl but cannot tell her as they pretended to be a gay couple in order to get to live in a great looking apartment with the girl.

Jealousy among each of the men makes them do things just to get the girl's attention but eventually loses to another guy, the girl's boss in a very prestigious magazine publication.

They joined together in order to drive the would be suitor away and succeeded but all backfired and loses the girl. In order to forgive the two, Neha's boss/boyfriend together with her dared them to kiss in front of a crowd. They begged off as they are not really gay, and as Neha turned away the crowd roared in shouts and claps, Kumal and Sam were kissing on the stage. Neha then run towards them and they all group-hugged and all became well again as their Dostana is far deeper than anything else andthey are bestfriends. Arm in arm they took Neha to the boyfriend and handed her over as she was an orphan, kneeled and asked the boss to marry her.

I laughed, got teary-eyed, enjoyed the music and felt good afterwards. It was one of the best films I had ever saw at almost 2 hours! The movie included some MTV like dance scenes which are also a delight to the ears and the eyes.

Which brings me back to the main topic, up to what extent can a friend go just to ask forgiveness to another friend? These guys swallowed their pride, kissed, kneeled and cried just to gain their friend's trust again. Why? Because they LOVE each other.

I think there should be love between friends, not just "be friends" and share laughters, fun times, sad times, jokes, and what have you. I think I am going to look for a friend who will love me and not just be friends with me. Sounds far-fetched and you might wish me "goodluck!" Nevertheless, there's no harm in trying, right? I'll start with me, instead of saying I like my friends, I will start to say I love my friends and then go from there.

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