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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Recognizing and Celebrating Small Victories

For all the important changes we have made in our lives resulted from a long, and often difficult series of small changes.

  • stopping impulsive shopping by turning away from temptations, 
  • watching my health by starting to eat less to no rice,  
  • exercising everyday starts from the moment i wake up in the morning, 
  • attitude adjustments began when i told myself i need to start moving in my life, 
  • building relationships by taking it slowly with old and new friends, 
  • working effectively by planning my every action, 
  • learning not to be too attached to things by starting to give away or throw unnecessary clutters in my room, 
  • trying to live simply by slowly adjusting to minimal living without compromising personal enjoyments 
Living is not measured by what we have most and what we have less, as they should be measured by the little victories, smallest effort and decisions that we make every day.

Reality check, fast foods, Facebook, latest gadgets on the market, TV, and other irresistible schemes, Twitter streams and never ending media hypes, those who make it often receive the praise, while those (like me) still on the journey are often overlooked, or even worse, we long for the finish line at the expense of the little efforts that must be done to reach it. The reward at the end is hanging by a thread, and the number of steps between where we are and our goals is seldom counted accurately .

Let's start to level our way of thinking. It is but right to give praise to those who have made it, and completed a positive life change, but we must also rejoice to those who still lagging in their journey. Each small step forward is significant and worthy of celebration. And when we see it in our lives or in the lives of others, we must claim it as a victory worthy of recognition.

  • a person who starts to rise early in the morning than usual deserves celebration 
  • a spendthrift who resisted a season's sale deserves a celebration 
  • someone who cleaned his room, even wiped the dusts which is unlikely of a person to do deserves praise 
  • a person who tries to work harder than usual deserves a recognition 
  • a husband who comes home and picks up his child instead of the remote control deserves celebration 
  • a smoker who quits or even controls the number of sticks he consumes deserves a praise 
  • a person struggling with weight and chooses to take the stairs deserves a celebration 
  • and so on and so forth... 
We are human beings in need of grace and patience. We need encouragements. Let's enjoy each small victories we achieve in our lives and in other people's lives, because I believe life is only lived to the fullest through the little moments and the big. Don't you think?


  1. Hi Carlo, I agree with the receiving of some kind of praise along the way. I think the encouragement is valuable in helping us achieve our goals or to at least continue striving for them. I always believe that the best way for me to walk is to allow others to praise me if I do well. I fear the narcissism of self-praise which can become quite the monster! Nothing is uglier than the woman that knows she beautiful! God bless you and keep going!!

  2. hehe well, there is a fine line between narcissism and having the confidence to know that you are great looking or doing better and for all its worth we are all beautiful! everyone is unique and special but at the same time to each his own, as they say, some needs external motivations others have to find them inside themselves...but where ever the inspiration comes from, the important thing is that we act on it!