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Monday, August 23, 2010

Is Being Good, Bad?

What does it mean to be "good?" Since time immemorial, we are told to be good, and being good sometimes is bad, there were those who were good enough to be called saints only to suffer from the very people they showed their goodness.

We are taught to love one another, but this "love" is more often taken out of context and so sensationalized that the purity of the word get lost in, shall I say definition.

There are many good people around the world but their voices is so small that most often than not they are not heard. People try to reach out, to touch other lives just to make it a little bit better, only to be reciprocated with violence.

Does being good leads to these things really? If so, then it is not good to be good, ain't it?

But why does goodness keep on echoing through time? It keeps on going and keeps on fighting to be alive and strong. Why?

Because after all these pain and suffering, being good is all worth it. It doesn't matter realy how ridiculed one gets from doing something out of the ordinary to make someone's life better, or one's life the least. No matter how strong is the will to do what is harmful, there is always that tiny glint of light deep in the darkest caverns of the heart called goodness, that will always be there to remind us that even the Son of God, amidst all the evils in the world, still chose to be a part of it, live it, and have a taste of it, by laying His life into the hands of the very people He showed goodness with.

One has to try, for it doesn't matter either how many times one gets to commit mistakes as everyone does, but one good deed is enough to start a chain of another good deed. I am one of those who do try, and I must admit, I have more failures that victories, but who's counting? I least I do try.

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