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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Idea Of A Perfect First Date

I am a hopeless romantic, and what makes me so is that I find first dates very special. But honestly, I seldom go on first dates, and if I did, it usually not what I expected it to be, no, I am not saying they were bad dates, or not so special dates, like what I just said, it was just not wha I imagined them to be.
So what makes my first date perfectly special? Let me count the ways...

...actually, for me, there are no perfect first dates, as each one is unique and different in it's own way. Every moment is special, regardless the situation is, why, because you are with someone you like, someone you are fond of. So, be it under the rain, by the bus stop, in a coffee shop, a park, along the beach, on a rooftop, under a tree, where ever you set it up, what matters are the moments you will be sharing together that will linger on...

Ok, ok, you may ask, how do I picture my perfect date, really, fine. I would like my perfect date to be by the beach, walking along the sands, watching sunset, and the birds flying overhead, talking about anything we could think of, some laughters, holding hands, watching each other, trying to read each other's thoughts, watching the smiles and the twinkling of the eyes, head on a shoulder, feeling someone alive beside you, hear the breathing, some awkward silence...that's how I imagine mine. Sounds like a cliche, but, people do silly things when they're in love right? Or when I you like someone that much?

...so there it goes, a perfect date would depend upon how you really like the person, and how each moment count.

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