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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Promise Me You'll Wait For Me

It is always a good feeling knowing that someone will be waiting for you when you come home. Being and expat working and living very far from your love ones can be hard and the only consolation is that after all the hardships and sacrifices, we will be greeted with warm smiles, kisses and tight hugs.
My last relationship was five years ago and since then it was a hit and miss search.

I was told to look and I did, but the ones I found were not "the one," and then I was told to wait, and wait I did, then five years went by.
I was told to pray, and I did pray, but not yet answered. Maybe in time, maybe not.
But I long for someone to love and to hold. Someone to look forward to say goodmorning, goodnight, how are you and missing you. Someone to sleep with at night and wake up to the next day. To argue and to make up with, to know that someone will always be there.
I almost told someone a promise, to wait for me "cause I'll be saving all my love for you," I almost sang, and deep down inside, I know I like the person much, but promising someone to wait is a selfish thing. One needs the freedom to express themselves and interact with another person, regardless. To constraint a person's feelings and freedom is to kill that fire burning inside. If you were meant to be, then no matter how long the years will go by, fate will make your paths cross again and then maybe that's the time love can begin. Eventually, I let the person go and wished happiness.
But what am I talking about really? Maybe time is starting to catch up with me and no person should be alone. That feeling of longing is slowly creeping inside, and living in this arid place, very far, very, very far can indeed makes you feel lonesome, once inside your room, lights closed, and the night is silent.

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