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Sunday, August 28, 2011

What Is Happening?

I have been buying newspapers since last week so I would know what's going on around the world and not just around the place I am living, but no matter how many times I flipped the pages I cannot find any suitable information nor any good story to be my inspiration for my posts. Here and there, war, uprising, famine, freak weather, politics, death, poverty and sickness, crimes and economic crisis. I skipped the sports section as I am not a fan of football, nor cricket events and went straight to the entertainment section, even then it is about divorce, remarriage, settlements, suing this person and that person, movie flops and so on and so forth.
Makes me think, again, what is happening? 
There's an insert of a Filipino tabloid, Pinoy Extra, and that even has nothing good to say, there's this reminder for overstaying Filipinos in the kingdom that they have until the 14th of next month to leave the country or they will be facing huge fines and an accommodation inside the jail cell. An OFW who is into melancholy because she misses her family too much and a feature about depression.
What is happening? The world is in need of a make over, but how? Until people start to learn that a change of heart is the main key, we will never see the light of another day, and for those who do try, being a minority will make it a tremendous task just to affect others of their positivity. It's like another war, but war againsts the negativities engulfing the entire planet.
I sleep everynight still praying that tomorrow would be better than the day before. But it is up to me to do that and not with anyone else. If I would wake up with a good mental and overall feeling, positive and welcoming, then the day would indeed be better. But if I wake up with all those horrors I read on the paper still clinging in my mind and affects my day, then I will be a part of how the world is turning up everyday.

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