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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Expat's Lament

There is an ongoing ordinance that a company should have a certain percentage of locals working with them in a call to "give a chance to the sons and daughters of this land" as one local newspaper headlined a few weeks ago. A good intention, even I, in my own country would agree on this "...ization" or giving priorities to a country's citizens instead of foreign assistance.

But my four years of stay in this country who had given me the opportunity to have a wider perspective when it comes to work and the bread and butter for my family, I have observed, witnessed and actually experience how "some" of this so-called "sons and daughters" behave and take advantage of this current issue. I am not generalizing, I am merely expressing my own opinion and first hand accounts, it is not my intention to degrade but rather to tell the other side of the story.

- They usually come to work late, on the time they "feel" like and most probably the first they will do when they arrive is to drink tea, chat with their colleagues, read a newspaper or just go from department to department looking for their kind and have another tete-a-tete session.
- They leave work earlier than everybody else. Once they felt like they have "worked" they confidently just disappear from their work area.
- They will often say we are "locals" and we have all the rights to do what we want, whenever we want and anytime we want.
- They don't care at all at other people's situation other than their own. It is always "their situation," "their problems," "their issues," that should be given priorities.
- They want higher salaries, just because they are "locals" and then bribe others to do their work for them
- They are given positions at which they have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER on what to do, most often HIGHER posts, which is so absurd.
- They complain too much.
- They think they know everything, when in truth they rely on someone else too much and then take all the credit.

However, this ordinance is a great way to bring back a country's local's confidence and belief back to their leaders and promote patriotism, which will then urge its citizens to pursue good education and discover their capabilities. Many countries around the world is also implementing such a law. The locals I believe are a very talented bunch, however, misguided by their own self belief and pride. There are employers too that rely on their foreign workers much to their advantage, for these hard working people provide the means to make the company more stable and productive.I can only imagine if a company would use 100% of their locals who tends to do the things I just mentioned above, all working as managers and bosses, each one pointing at another to do each other's responsibilities. But, with all these lament, there are some who takes their responsibilities seriously, maybe because they are educated (abroad and already experienced and learned the value of work ethics and time), or simply know what it means to be a worthy "local" who has been given a chance to prove his worth, and that I admire.


  1. kulang ang observations mo... kulang ang space ng blog mo wahahaha!

  2. ni warningan pa nga ako ng housemate ko eh, baka daw ako mahuli...naku masama ba magsabi ng totoo?!

  3. kahit naman yata sa ibang GCC country. this thing is true even here in Dubai. and it pisses me off.