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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Zeitgeist

I bought an English newspaper today, which I rarely do, just to catch up with the world, hoping that somewhere along the war between countries, econonic crises, deaths, hungers, sickness and the poor that needs support are good news that is worth reading.
I scanned the pages and read that Egypt and Israel are still under a sour note; Obama asking his contituents to set aside politics and aim for more jobs in America or there will be another major economic downfall coming; women in the Saudi Arabia are vigilant and consistent in fighting for their rights to be experts behind the wheel; continuous war in Syria is killing and harming more innocent people each day; India's use of gold are losing its potential in the the local market due to high price; Oil prices are not going down; Paris Hilton came to the Philippines; etcetera, etcetera...call me sarcastic but I have not read any good news from the paper I just read. It made me wonder how terrible it must be the world we are living right now. All we do is complain, argue, fight and rage war against one another. It is also sad to think that IF the Mayan people's prediction that the world may end in Dec 2012, what legacy will the human race leave about the planet earth? I believe all mankind sleeps at night with only one prayer and hope, and it's for world peace. That we will wake up in the bright morning sun with promise and safety, that the rest of the day would turn out alright. We all like that, but that "like" is not that powerful enough to send strong vibrations around the globe in order to mobilize each one to work for peace.
Alas, my wishful thinking got hold of me, reality check, the zeitgeist (spirit of the times) is about pride, who is the better nation, who is the strongest, the most advanced and the most intelligent. Yeah, right, look what happened to Japan a few months ago!
I believe that even nature fights back over our shortcomings and abuse of it, and we pay hard.
But how can we change the world? A famous person once said that "everybody wants to change the world, but nobody thought of changing oneself first." Its been said and written many times that it has to start from within, we are created with the power to change everything around us if we start from the very source of it, ourselves, and then maybe, world peace.
To end, allow me to apologize for I made a mistake in claiming that I did not find anything good in the newspaper I bought for a cost of two non-fat yoghurt for my smoothie, I did, and it looks good under the gas range I have in my kitchen, to catch drippings from the food I prepare.

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