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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Normal Working Day

What's a normal working day for me? Well, I've been doing the same work for almost 4 years now, I can say even when I close my eyes I know exactly what I am doing. Normal means receiving paper works interacting with people, rushing through things, throughout the day and me trying to finish everything before I get off in the evening, that is normal. I had posted before here about how much we put value to our work time (How To Raise Your Salary), thus meriting a significant appreciation, however small, from our colleagues and superiors.
So I put value in my work time, yes, when at work, I do my best always, yes, there may be setbacks, there may be some mistakes, errors, something I forgot, but I do make up for it. Yes, there may be times I flare up, get irritated and stubborn, don't want to get bothered and rushed, but I still do my best.
That's normal.
I just received today an enormous task of preparing a hundred purchase orders. I haven't started it yet for I still have some other priorities to attend to, but rest assured, I'll finish it up in a flash, yes I am Speedy Gonzales when it comes to my work, why, because I like the feeling of relief at the end of a finished job. I like the feeling of achievement that I pushed myself to do the extra mile. Yes I do complain, but it's just my way of conditioning myself to the challenge staring at my face. And then while still catching my breath after all is done, I will start all over again. That's normal.

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