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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How To Raise Your Salary

I have read an article about a significant issue most of us working our ass off face every end of the month. The moment we receive our pay check, most often than not, we get a sigh instead of excitement. We automatically think about the bills we need to pay, the money to send home and the budget we have to keep to ourselves (as we do have a life too, thank you very much!) Most often too, that what's left are just enough to get us by until the next paycheck comes, another month away.
We ask ourselves is this all we're going to get? Don't I deserve something better? Then we think of another job, we search, sometimes in vain and rarely get lucky. Imagine the hustles of starting over gain, new responsibilities, new people, new enemies, and so on and so forth.
Enough said, this article written by Will Edwards, a motivational speaker and writer, as inspired by another great motivational speaker Jim Rohn, created a spark of interest and a new outlook in me. Last month I received a "little" surprise in my paycheck, "some amount" was added and it was indeed a surprise. I never expected it, nor look forward to it, it just appeared, I even thought there must be a miscalculation but there it was and all I can do was to be thankful and smile at myself.
You see, Will Edwards said that in order to have a raise in our paycheck we have to know our worth, the value of time we put into our work, although "people teach that in a job, you do get paid for time i.e. you are simply trading time for money," it is not the question of time, but the worth or value, what we do in that paid time. He said that if we can think of a way to make our market value worthy of a good paycheck, they we must know the value we put in our time. To do that, Jim Rohn has the perfect solution, "to get yourself paid more money, you need to increase your market worth and he goes on to give a real key as to how to do it: you need to work harder on yourself than you do at your job."
If we follow this then we can find a specific job, learn all the knowledge and skills it requires in order to perform it well and work ourselves until we make ourselves into the person who really fits the job description. That way we would increase our market value because we can be one of those few people who can do the job well.
So, I must have done something good, I must have made myself worthy of that, though small, but significant figure in my paycheck. I must have made myself worthy of the job, and I must have put value in my work time. I was praying for something to inspire me to work harder, this will do, for now.

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