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Sunday, August 14, 2011

My New Fragrance - RL Big Pony #2

They say perfumes and fragrances creates emotions, set up moods and an overall feeling of euphoria and wellness. It is also a known fact that scents trigger memories and feelings.
I am fond of perfumes, as I love smelling and feeling good. I already have a bit of a collection of favorite fragrances inside my cabinet and I never leave home without wearing what suits my feelings or moods at the moment, I even spray some on me during sleep time at night, which I would like to recommend as it makes me sleep better and wake up refreshed, do try.
I recently have added a new scent in my collection, the new Ralph Lauren Big Pony #2, it is part of a series of fragrances, four to be exact, aptly numbered 1 to 4 each bottle a collectible colored vials, Blue, Green, Red and Orange that really captures one's attention. So what draws me to this one? Like what I said, I like perfumes that spark a nice feeling or emotion, the moment I sprayed it on my skin and the scent reached my nose, I got this sensual feeling like I am the sexiest man alive! No kidding, sounds like too much, even crazy, but honestly, that's how I felt! It was exactly how the scent is described:

Big Pony Collection #2
This sexy mix brings together dark chocolate and musk—a bold combination for the ladies' man who can't help it if he attracts a crowd. As this spicy and seductive fragrance unfolds, the challenge of love is transformed into undeniable attraction.
Dark Chocolate. Musk. Spicy.
Seductive. Sexy. Magnetic.

So who wouldn't like that? Not that I want to attract the opposite sex really, but I will always love that feeling the scent gives me everytime I wear it.

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