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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kingdom Tower Sky Bridge VS The Globe Faisaliah Tower

Making the most of the 9-day vacation my favorite couple and some close friends and I went to the two most famous infrastructures of the modern Riyadh. The Kingdom Tower and the Faisaliah Tower.

Located at the heart of the capital, these two monumental buildings were landmarks already. Towering over the city, it is a must to exprience the thrill of going up the towers and see the whole capital of Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom Tower

Over a hundred floors, coming up to the 99th floor where the Sky Bridge is located was already a thrill, riding two elevetors on two levels, it was a ride indeed. On coming there, one can immediately feel a sense of fear of heights! My knees shook a moment when I crossed over the Sky Bridge and hold of my breath to what I saw!

The view was SPECTACULAR, it was 9 in the evening and the lights from below houses, cars and buildings were like jewels shining on dark velvet cloth! The traffic below were like chains of gold necklaces lined together! I can't hardly contain my excitement my hands perspired.

When I looked over the glass window and saw the vast span of the lighted scenes below, I felt the GREATNESS of the moment, it was an unbelievable experience indeed. We stole some shots as cameras are not allowed (ironically cellphones with cameras were allowed)to capture the scenes and the moments.

What made it more memorable was I am up there enjoying the moment with my close friends.

The Faisaliah Tower, The Globe

Another site to behold is the view atop the Faisaliah Tower, also known as The Globe as this was also a famous restaurant that offers another AMAZING view of the city and sumptuous food (rather expensive though!). They allow visitors to come up the viewing deck for a fee. Another two elevator rides to the viewing deck, it was all worth it once we reached it, for we were greeted by another SPECTACULAR view of the city at night and a FREEZING COLD WIND, as the place is an open air area immediately below the GLOBE Restaurant. The wind blows hard and strong and without the strong glass barricades one can be blown over the edge and fall hundreds of feet below.

The view was as GREAT as the experience in the SKY BRIDGE, but what makes it more GREAT was the fact that we are at the mercy of nature as strong winds and freezing wind tries to blow us away! Haha! We had a laugh as the wind blows our hair and jackets. Going up Faisaliah Tower during winter was AWESOME!

I once asked my dear friend Ivy if this would be the same feeling we might have if we were to be on top of the Empire State Building in New York, ans she said, maybe, for it felt like were not in Riyadh anymore, with the winter clothes and the atmosphere we were like somewhere else. Maybe a premonition of great travels together I say.

It truly was another memorable experience and of course with the same close friends, what else can complete the moment?

I love these moments with my close friends, the experience was real, the laughers were heartfelt, the moment was surreal. I would rather spend a moment with real friends where I am right now.

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