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Monday, November 30, 2009

Harajj - A Place For A New Lease Of Useful Life For All Things

There's a place here in Riyadh where to most of us would consider a dump, but these dumped items were given a new lease simply by selling them at a considerably low prices, a fraction of it even.

Used furnitures, used clothes, used shoes, used appliances, name it, you'll find it there. One only has to have a good eye to check whether the thing that you fancy is still really reusable or it is better to leave it there.

It's a large expanse of area and sections are made for each category. There is an area for used clothes, then an area for used carpets, a haven for second hand things.

I'll soon make another entry of the place as I still have to take pictures of some of the sections. In this entry I just want to share the things I bought from there lately that are really a bargain.

Bought these 11 pcs of Polo Shirts under SR 100.00! Imagine! When that same amount at the malls could only buy you 1 or 2 pcs! So I have an alternate outfit to wear whenever there are times that I don't feel like wearing long sleeves to work and I have all the colors to choose from! Ha! Ha!

This is the area where I found these colorful shirts, not only you need to have a keen eye to detail but you also need to have the strength to dive into those piles and piles of clothings! You may occassionaly need to haggle with a fellow Filipino who may happen to have an interest with the same item you are eyeing for!

And this pair of shoes is a winner! Orginal Emporio Armani leather shoes in very good quality at 1% of the original price! The owner of the stall was not keen in giving me the shoes to the price I am asking, but I didn't stop haggling 'til he gave in! I told myself this shoes are mine! I pretended to walk away and he called me back and sold me the lovely pair!

It is advisable to go there early in the morning starting from 6:00 AM til 10:00 AM as this is the best time to look for things. Come late and there only be "leftovers" for you!

The morning sky over Harajj, looks peaceful ain't it? With the sun's rays seeping among the clouds, bring feelings of blessedness and peace. Surely, a trip to this place is a blessing, you may come home with bags of goodies and your pocket won't even complain and that's peace of mind! Truly a mecca for bargain shoppers! More to this topic next time.

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