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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back Again

Hi blog friends, it's been a while, you miss me? I missed you all.
I have come back from a month long hiatus back home, in the Philippines and had a short rendevous with my sister in Singapore. It was a rejuvenating holiday, which I am dying to have.

Anyway, what's up with me, well, there is a need for me to find another place again, for the nth time, a friend told me that it is not good to move from one place to another, of course I said, it is tiring! But I have no choice, and I can't afford the whole apartment I am living now that two of my housemates left! We'll see where will I end up, not in the streets I hope for I have less than a month to search and move out.

Also, my time in Singapore and through my sister's persistent invitation, I think I'll be saying goodbye to Riyadh soon, very soon. I think and feel also that there will be another opportunity there for me, another life, another adventure to live. I did feel I will make it there, I got positive vibes, and I am comfortable while going around the city, not to mention how I love the food and how cheap! I am planning to end my time here come December and by next year, I'll try my fate there.

I have a new love too, I have rekindled an old romance, and this time I told myself I would try and hopefully it works this time between us. We promised to keep in touch and we'll see.

So that's it...for now.

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