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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Burnt Money - A Great Movie

I was downloading gay-themed movies from Torrent, taking advantage of the fast internet service I have; randomly choosing titles, reading the synopses and when I find it interesting I download the movie.
I saw a title called BURNT MONEY (Plata Quemada), in Spanish with English subtitles. After the completion I opened and scanned it for its content and story, and I got hooked. I forgot that I loaded the washing machine with my laundry, forgot the I prepared my smoothie for the evening, forgot that my housemate and his boyfriend is having a quarrel at the other room, forgot that I only have 4 hours of sleep last night and forgot the time and it was already 1 AM.

Because the movie was unbelievable, I was hooked with story of two misfits called Angel and Nene who met in a station's restroom, invited the other to stay with him and they were never separated, they were called "The Twins" eversince. Met a crimelord, became henchmen of crime and robberies, and end up, well I will not reveal much as not to spoil it.
But why I loved the movie was the portrayal of two gay men, in a real world of crime and passion. It made me wish for such a life of adventure, despite the fact they play cops and robbers with the whole city police. The bond they share was unbreakable, sweet, poignant, haunting, sometimes crazy, and yet subtle and poetic.
I am running out of words to describe the movie, and I cannot forget it. You can feel their feelings, towards each other, how they care for one another and the risks they would take to be together.

Angel and Nene is a memorable screen-couple, a paranoid and a superstition afficionado, Angel sees misfortunes everywhere he looked and seek comfort in the arms of Nene every night, until finally he turned to self abstinence the drove Nene away from him met a prostitute and when caught by Angel, Nene's words were "She was just a place to hide." and he gets to choose the person he would be with. Nene on the other hand is so attached to Angel that he cannot bear the thought of living without him.
Love really is mysterious, in its many ways of expressing it, between a man and a woman, two women, and especially two men. Love can go as deep, it's the same.
I only hope when I finally meet the right person, we could be the same, the love and bond we would be having would go as deep, and will stand all adversity for love is above all the greatest there is.

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