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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Broken Hearts Club

Last week a dear friend confide in me how he got broken hearted when his special someone found somebody new. He shared to me what had happened and my heart goes out to him. I know the feeling for I too had loved and lost a few months ago.

It is sad really, we are not meant to be alone, and having someone makes everything worthwhile, despite some disagreements every now and then, but the making up is something we can't forget.

Last night two dear friends, again, had the same episodes, one called the relationship off as his partner lied and the other had an argument over money.

What is happening? I asked myself, is this a trend, a phase, the "in" thing? I don't think so. It's just a matter of trust and honesty really. I believe all relationship should be built on that and once broken, then it is bound end.

It is hard enough to make it work, and to put a crack in it is to double the effort.
I just hope my three friends would be fine, well, I know one will definitely be, the other two, time can be their friend that can help them heal and move on.

Well, welcome to the "broken hearts club", guys, just don't leave your heart behind and everything will be fine.

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