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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I find today the many facets of being happy, it is not having all the material things in the world, it is not how well you are travelled, how good looking you are and you have lots of friends; it is not how much you have or how popular you become, no none of these I tell you.

Happiness is making someone happy. Seeing or hearing them happy is contagious, you feel the same way too. It is ironic to be sad when someone is happy, weird even!

Happiness also comes from the simplest things, like the fresh morning air, bathed in warm sunlight, the singing of the birds or the sound of a stream.

Happiness is being healthy and alive.

Happiness is having great friends, laughing together, crying together, who were always there whether you need them or not.

Happiness is knowing that you are loved and cared. When you know you are mentioned in their prayers, or when you are remembered.

Happiness is a gift, we all received, but too few have noticed. It was delivered to us from the moment we knew how to choose to live our lives, and most often we chose to look the other way.

Happiness is free, anyone can take it, but be careful cause someone might steal it, and yet, true happiness is indelible.

Happiness, I am happy today, a little extra happy.
I can sleep better tonight.

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