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Friday, October 30, 2009

Pay It Forward

I haven't seen the movie Pay It Forward, but some friends has shared with me what it's all about, doing a good deed.

In my old blogsite, a blog friend, The Vegan Prince, initiated the A Good Deed A Day action together with his mom. I also agreed to do the same but like all normal human beings swimming in the ocean of confusion, problems, distractions and what have you's, I forgot that agreement. Although in one way or another I know I do a good deed to someone or somebody, though I may not be aware of it.

Today, I will resume this agreement, doing a good deed without expecting anything in return. It is like initiating a system of goodwill, because doing good is contagious. I will do a good deed to anyone I encounter in my everyday life, in small and big ways, if I can, in anyway, in any situation, at a given moment. The only reward that I would like to get is a smile and the hope that the person will do the same to the next person he meets.

Question: Does the good deed still count if you go by “It’s the thought that counts” or the “E for Effort”?? The answer is NO, it has to come from the heart, a voluntary act of kindness that will leave you feeling light and happy.

Here’s a chance to reach out and touch someone's life.

Anyone with me?

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  1. The premise of Pay It Forward is to perform a good deed to anyone, especially a stranger. He pays you back by doing a good deed to another stranger.

    And yes, it has to come from a heart, unplanned, in a spur of the moment, voluntary.