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Friday, May 7, 2010

Change Of Heart

There is a universal move to have a change of heart, to be more sensitive and aware of the world and the the plight of people around us. The heart, ever wondered why is it at the center of our body? Because everything relates to the heart, it controls our action, the movement of our body, it dictates the mind, it even affects our feelings and emotions. Once the heart find it has to change, everything will follow, in one synchronized vibration, like throwing a pebble in a still pond, the ripples will create one perfect movement to another.

So when a large number of people would have a change of heart, imagine what it could do? If a million people will have a change of heart, can you still comprehend its power?

I believe we are in the time and age where we have to have a change of heart in order to bring true peace not only into ourselves but to others as well. Often times we find ourselves tied up with the things we do everyday. We think that by keeping that high paying job, having the latest gadgetry, bigger homes and grandest cars will bring peace and happiness into our lives. Yes, for a while until we are compeled to find a better job, want the best gadgetry, an even bigger home and the fastest car, and the cycle goes on and on, and where's the peace in that? I may sound a bit opinionated or preachy but please bear with me.

If and when you help someone who is in need, doesn't it bring you joy? When you inspired other people to be better, ain't that bring you peace? Does your heart break when you see a suffering child? Death? Poverty? War and destruction of the environment? If so, then you are still human and have in you the POWER to do something about it. How, simple by having a change of heart first. Empathy, the challenge is to reach out and be a part of something that is universal. To connect ourselves with our inner selves and to serve our purpose on this plane we are right now. I also believe each one of us ask ourselves what we are meant to be, what's our purpose, many live and die without even knowing how and why we live. The answer is within our hearts. It is there since the time we are created, it was given the power to move us, to teach us, to support us and to create changes in us. Often too, we listen to what our mind would tell us, and why because our mind speaks louder than our heart, we can only hear what our heart is saying when we are having a peaceful moment, like meditating, or when we are dreaming, and there lies the reason why we are not living to our full potential.

The essence of a change of heart lies in the truth that we are made to watch over each other and the creation. This "earth" now is not the ideal "earth" we're suppose to be. We can only change all these if we are united to one sole purpose and our hearts would beat to one rhythm, to bring peace and calm to the world, order and celebration of life, and a heightened sense of spirituality and being.

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