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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brothers and Sisters

I am hooked into watching this TV Series called Brothers and Sisters that stars Sally Field, Calista Flockhart and Robe Lowe among others; it was a very reminiscent of me and my siblings. Incidentally, it is a story of a mom and her five children, their relationship with each other, the children's individuality and their relationship with their respective partners and the people they mingle with.

Watching it makes me look into my own relationship with my own mother and siblings. Like the story, the family composed of the mother, two sisters and three brothers, which one is gay, incredibly mirrored really our lives which includes, like them, bickering, fighting, getting together, sharing secrets, lots of secrets, hating, arguing, making amends, being there, talking, lots of talking, laughing, eating together, catching up, helping, not helping, taking sides, not talking, not seeing, seeing a lot, whew and the list goes on and on. Like any big family, and like any sibling rivalries and jealousies, they can't seem to keep their opinions, to themselves and just let it out freely regardless which is nice to see, actually, in a weird sense of a way.

In the midst of all these is the mother, and like my mom, she helds the family together despite the constant babying, overbearing, getting in the way, overpowering, sensitive, too sensitive, advises, scolding, loving, loving unconditionally and just being a mother as best as she can, though sometimes she her role as a mother goes overboard, but only to the best of intentions.

Typical I say, my family may not be the best, we have our own problems to solve, not to solve, letting and not letting, dwelling and keeping but nevertheless we got through each and every issue and problems that hurdled in our lives.

One thing in the show, and one of the highlights of every episode is the family lunch or dinner, whichever, everytime the family get together things get better, or worst, cause that's where they let their guards down, it's where their conflict and feelings fly over each other and across the table. It's where they truly share each other's resentment, anger then love and resolved issues.

Funny that sometimes the whole episode can be summed up in one word "sorry" as they never seemed to stop saying it to each other. After all the issues, shouting and fights, it's the hugs, the tears, the smiles and the laughters that really lingers after.

I am an emotional wreck after one season of the series, crying, laughing, smiling, sad and angry. Did I mention personally I am also undergoing some inner searching that brings out my feelings and emotions all over the place? Add that to the effect I get from the series and your guess is as good as mine.

Nevertheless, things are subsiding slowly and getting back to normal, synonymously, the lives of the family in the series starts to go on too as the story progresses.

I am lucky, rather I am blessed to have four siblings, and today our lives may not be perfect, but one thing I know is that we are there for each other, in all that we do, wherever we are, we held on to each other for strength, courage, inspiration and love. We are all that we have and nothing in this world could take away that from us. I remember once our late father told us that we cannot rely to others except in each other.

I love my siblings so much, and my mother is in the center of it all. When the time comes when we are left with nothing but each other, I know we will survive and carry on, God knows, we will carry on, holding on to each other in love.

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