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Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year, 2010 - Be Better

People during the 30's, 40's and 50's thought that the year 2010 is a time flying cars, life on another planet, robots and all those science fiction things and stories.

Life may not be a what they expect it to be, and we're still far from those things.
Advancement in Science and Technology is more visible now than ever before, yes it's true, but have you noticed also that the more they invent the more reason they need to?

Like the more advance medicine is, the more deadly the diseases had become?

But there are things that no matter what Science and Technology try to create will never be explained.

Our lives. How we live it, how we treasure it, how we share it, how we value it, how we love, how we care, how we touch others and how we believe in God.

Life is simple, but people most often make it hard.
God simply breathe life into us, we try to breathe out of it.
Another year is coming, and here's the question, will I be better than last year?

Better person.
Better man.
Better son.
Better brother.
Better friend.
Better colleague.

Truth is, I am not sure, but another truth is that I will try my best.

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