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Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas Blues

Christmas, spent it with "family".
Lots of food, lots of laughters and lots of warm feelings.

We tried to make it merry as we remembered out loved ones back home.
There nothing like Christmas with the family, but an "extended" family is not bad either. I am grateful for the opportunity to have an extended family here for without them, I just don't know how will I be here in Riyadh!

Christmas is family, and there is a kind of family that grows from the heart. Call it close friends, but there are feelings that goes beyond friendship, when you go out of your way to lend a helping hand, to care, to look after, to confide, to cry with, to share the ups and downs, to be there for you especially when you are down and out,I say that's no longer friendship, that's family.

I am sentimental, simple things that touches my heart and emotions moved me, and I know how to give credit to those who deserved it. So the people I found here in Saudi, those few people, special people are not my friends.

They are not even close friends. They are my family, and it's the closest I can ever get to be with my "real" family back home.

And I love them.

Benjie, who is like a brother told me one of his blues, he told me that he is saddened by the friendships he builds here, just when he thought the friendship will go beyond Saudi, does not happen. He lost good friends once they leave the country.

He is also saddened by the people he calls friends but only there on good times or when they need him.
Or can't even tell him straight in the eye their true feelings.

Sad but true.

Still, I am lucky, knowing that I had these people in my life is worth more than the Vanity Mirror I got this Christmas (don't take it negatively Ivy, I love it!)

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