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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gold, Never Seen So Much!

There's a place here in Riyadh called Batha, a big area where all sorts of things can be bought, it's like our Divisoria, Baclaran and Quiapo combined!

But there's a small district named Dira'h where rows of stores sell gold, from earrings to bracelets, necklaces to anklets, to BELTS to HEAD DRESSES!

My friend Peter and I went there and I gasped from all the gold I saw!
I have never seen so much gold displayed without security! I joked with Peter that in our country these trinkets will never be displayed like this, these would be inside thick glasses with alarms and the large ones would be inside vaults!

Too bad I cannot take much pictures as it is "haram!" or not allowed. But I did caught some secretly. So here, enjoy all the glitter that are 18 to 25 karat gold!

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