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Friday, December 24, 2010

Reminiscing The Good Old Days

My cousin Maureen posted some by-gone pictures of ours when we were just little kids and every cousin and a couple of aunties joined in the barrage of comments to each pictures posted.

We were reminiscing about the times when we were always together at family gatherings, specially Christmas. Our parents would make it a point that Christmas is always about the family, with the family and for the family. They were right, the bonds created by us cousins I believe were so unbreakable that until today, whenever we chat, it's like we just picked up on where we left the last time.

We were so close. But time flies quickly without us feeling it sometimes. We find ourselves now all grown up and live different lives. Separated by thousands of miles and great oceans and thinking about it I sometimes wish we were not.

But thanks to a social-network program like FB, distances simply become just like the next door. My cousins and I suddenly talk again and about a lot of things, grown up things? You wish! We talk about our childhood so often that it triggers memories like an opened dam and we look back with smiles and laughters, some heartstrings were pulled, we're happy and we're lucky to have doting parents and Aunts and Uncles who spoiled us!

I read somewhere that to get to your future you must remember the past, or something like that. We had a great past as kids, somewhere along the way we need to grown up, but we will always be those little kids who just play around and our Aunts and Uncles little angels, in our hearts.

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