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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year In Focus

We are about to say goodbye to 2010 and say hello to 2011 and what do we hope for this time? I am pretty sure if we make a list of things to do this coming year, we will end up with a list as same as the one we made at the beginning of this ending year.
Which means, we have not really done what we intended to do this year. Which means, probably we did not do our best, or we did not even bother to follow them. It may mean also that for some reason plans were diverted into other things. Or simply, we wrote them just for the sake of having a list or a resolution.
We plan ahead, but as days pass by, we simply lose track of our goals, intentions and hopes. Life has its way of screwing things up, and letting us fail.
But what will drive us this time? I can only think of some ways like minding our choices.
If we will keep our focus on the things that we wanted to happen in our lives, we just have to keep walking on the path towards it. Yes, there will be times when we lack the drive, the energy or the inspiration, but we should not let our goals slip through our hands. It is ours for the taking, and we can reach it, if we really want it.
I am guilty of this, and yes, it is a cliche to say I told myself this time I'll stick to it, but who knows, maybe I will. There is nothing wrong to keep on trying, even the greatest men failed more than they succeed, but ain't it the sweetest thing when you strive for something and eventually get it?
So this coming year, I had a few, yeah, this time I keep it to a minimum, in my list. We'll see, we will see.

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