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Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Patience and More Participation

I read one of my closests friend's Facebook post about some of her Visionboard dreams coming true. She had influenced me to create my own dreams and upon looking at them, hanging on the wall, framed and for me see everyday, I got a little sad but at the same time hopeful still.

With the many pictures there, I think most of them hadn't materialized yet. Although, in all honesty I am working on it, like the dream of having a better physique which I am doing everyday. Trying to have fun at work at the same time look for challenges to keep me motivated. Simply being happy. Well, the simple things. But the big dreams seemed a bit far. But I am still hopeful that in time, when the universe starts to work it's synchronocity in my life, everything will fall into place, everything will start to come true and everything in its perfect timing.

Also, I gave myself a reality check, maybe I am not giving my 100% participation, cause in order for all these to come into reality I must do my part by giving generously, loving in all honesty, living life and leaving no room for any negativities.

They say patience is a virtue and we were never really promised a rose garden, so we had to work on it. I am determined to work on it. It's just a matter of time.

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