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Sunday, May 10, 2009

How Do We Define A Friend?

I am a bit upset today, not to mention sad.

Because of some people.

Which I thought friends.

So how do we define a friend? When you do call someone a friend?

1. Is a person your friend whenever you're in need, the person is there?
2. Does one a good friend when the person looks after you?
3. Is a person a friend when the person takes advantage of you?
4. How about those who only appear when they want to?
5. When they just need you?
6. What if you are a friend to the person because you have something useful and you are useful?
7. You always give the person a free-ride?
8. What if the person talks so much about you, behind you or hurt you?
9. Those who stick with you through thick and thin, defend you and loves you?
10.Or those who take advantage of you?

I, myself might be guilty of some of these, and I am sorry and will try to be better.
To those who are mostly belongs to this list, I am sorry also, the other way around that is for the value of friendship is way beyond all the materials things.

I have very, very few people I can call my friends, very few indeed and eventhough I only have a handful of them, I do keep them and treasure them.

I may not see most of my friends often, but I know they're there and I miss them so much. I am also glad that once in a while comes new friends and finding out they're for keeps.

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