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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Inner Peace

We long for something divine to happen in our lives. We seek answers to questions no one seemed to know. There is this void inside of us that we cannot fill no matter how hard we try. Emptiness, loneliness, a sense of limbo and sometimes a feeling of lost.
Inner peace, I cannot say I already felt this, maybe I did but so fleeting I hardly even recognized it.
Was it when I was at a top of a mountain in one of the places here in the Kingdom, where I saw the vast expanse of orange colored desert and felt overwhelmed by the feeling of peace, as if something whispered to me, “Look, how big the world is and you are but a tiny member of such importance that you are a part of it all.”
I thanked God that moment for the sudden calmness that came into me and then it was over.
If that was inner peace, I’d like to get back to that moment on top of that mountain and relive it.
In this busy world of modernity and fast-paced lifestyle, people trying to outlive one another, I don’t think inner peace, let alone peace of mind is given much thought. Most people sleep at night just for the sake of recharging for another day’s work the next time they wake up. Going into their daily routines at work and home ending up tired, miserable, angry and irritable so where’s the moment of peace in that?
Gheez, life’s tough ain’t it?

We can start seeking inner peace by conversing with God through prayers adn meditating on our day to day existence.

Nevertheless, God told us, let Him bear of these burdens, and He will give us rest, and to interpret, give Him all our worries and woes, lift up to Him all that bothers us, our problems, our troubles and worries, and in return, He will give us rest or inner peace, calmness and serenity, like what a baby might feel while sleeping in his mother’s arms.

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