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Sunday, June 9, 2013


Hello, I am back, been to a long hiatus, but not anymore. Here I am and will again fill your minds with my rantings and insights about a lot of things. My mind is a wanderer, it even gone to places I myself have never been, and it always brings me back all the things it learned, seen and experienced along its journey.

It's been a while, and I've been here and there, still restless and longing for something new in my life. Since I turned 40, another life beginning, I left Saudi Arabia, went around Singapore and now back home and I am pretty sure not going to stay for that long as I need to keep moving.

Keeping in touch with my mentor/spiritual guide, we had been on an adventure together, of the mind that is. Not seeing in person, but through our long distance conversations, I was slowly evolving into someone that I am not accustomed to, yet excited to be. Let's put it this way, I am changing. I see things on a different light and perspective. I see and understand a little bit more about what is going on around me.

Still with me? I'd like to share with you guys, the journey I am about to take, the world I am about to see, and the secrets that will be revealed to me; a journey where I will be facing the greatest fear most of us wouldn't want to face. The fear of CHANGE. To change who we are, to go against the norm, to stand up against something, to not go with the flow, to not do what everyone else is doing.

CHANGE, the word itself brings a feeling of defense, shielding oneself from movement, from doing something not of the ordinary, to face oppositions and mockeries, even threats.

The world is ready for change, but I am not talking about the change in the way we live, but in the way we think. The technological revolution is so intense that we are already so much into the acquisition of the latest gadgets that makes our life a little bit easier. It used to be a touch of a button, but now it is but a swipe of our hand. I learned that there are two worlds existing at the moment in the world right now, the TECHNOSPHERE and the BIOSPHERE, and guess which world is bigger? Which world has more population? Which world has more problems?  We are so dependent to technology that we forget where it all began. We become too lazy, too insensitive and too darn busy with our modern world that we experience more needs than we can ever fill up.

With the current situation of the world today, we need more people who will care much about human, environment and spiritual connection rather than connecting through cables, signals and radiowaves.
The world need a drastic change in the way human kind thinks and acts. The world needs people that lives and not just exists.

We need a CHANGE. But who would want to? Why do we need to? Why even bother when we are so comfortable where we are now. We need to because as living creatures with souls, we need to evolve to a higher level of consciousness, the great Dec 21,2012 is not about the end of the world but a start of a wave of spiritual understanding and body/mind integration. But not all of us were aware of it, because of FEAR. Fear of "the end of the world" brought about by the fear to change, we naturally wouldn't want to be moved or rattled in our small little world that we built. That's the only place we feel safe, and as long as we keep it, we are safe. But being safe means being left behind. Right now there are great thinkers who are leveling themselves up to reach that place in their minds where they see the world in the different light, and instead of creating and inventing the latest mobile phone and fast paced computers, they are planning and talking about how to balance the world. Great thinkers going out of their way and using their knowledge and wisdom in order to create world where everyone else care as much about each other, the environment and their spirituality. To teach the world that there is an alternative way to live, far from worries and the problems, if we only stop, look and listen. They are out there, you see them in the books they write, in the projects they create that supports the environment, in the halls speaking about how to be a better and sensitive people, in a stranger who will share with you an insight that will make you think and have a deeper sense of being.

They say it is not easy to CHANGE, a chair is a chair, and a table is a table, and a chair will never be a table. But I am not talking of changing who you are, but changing the way you think. To become open to all the possibilities the universe are offering us, to accept a gift of wisdom and greater knowledge and use to to better yourself and to better your relationship with another person. To be free to express yourself to the best you can ever be. We are creatures of greatness and great power, if we only tap into that power, the world will be a better place.

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