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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Simplicity And The Pursuit of Happiness

A young man is lazily lying on the beach, his fishing rod propped on the sand, lounging in the warmth of the afternoon sun and enjoying the crisp salty sea breeze while dreaming of a prospect of a hearty catch of fish.
Along came an elder businessman, who happen to pass by the beach to relieve himself of the days stress and found the young man enjoying himself lazily.
He approached the young man to find out why he is wasting his time there instead of working hard for a living.
"You cannot catch a fish that way! You should be working very hard for a living than just lying there young man!"
The young man just looked up the older man and smiling, "Then what would my reward be?"
"Well, you can get bigger nets and then you can catch more fish." The old man said.
"And what will my reward be?"
Starting to get irritated, the old man answered, "You can earn a lot of money to buy a boat so you can catch more fish!"
"My reward would then be what?"
The old man is starting to feel his blood coming up to his face, "So you can buy bigger boats and hire people to wok for you in catching more fish then!"
The young man, still smiling answered, "So therefore my reward would be?"
Angrily, the old man said, "Don't you understand you can be so rich that you don't have to work anymore, you will have a fleet of boats and lots of people working for you, then you can have all the time in the world to lie on the beach and enjoy yourself."
And the young man happily replied, "What do you think I am doing now?"

A life of simplicity can be beautiful, and it calls to those who are willing to listen. An invitation to live our life we are meant to live, not the life maybe our next door neighbor is trying hard to achieve.To simplify our life is to pursue the things we value the most, not the worth of the giant billboards, glossy magazines and enticing TV advertisements. It beckons us to remove distractions the keeps us from living and enjoying our life to the fullest.
Because the moment we stop living our lives pursuing the world's definition of happiness, we start to be aware of the choice to feel happiness that has been right in front of us all along.

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