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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

As influenced by my favorite couple Ivy and Benjie, reading inspirational and self-help books has slowly and surely influence my day to day living. It started a great change in me that every morning upon waking up I automatically set my mind and body to the vibration of the universe, say what?. Simply say Thank You, it is a powerful morning mantra that sets up a unique experience throughout the day.

I am not trying become another Gandhi, (but not a bad inspiration) I am just into trying to be a better person. Life is not that really bad despite its ups and downs. It's just a matter of perspective.

I never forget to thank the Universe for the day , regardless of what the outcome will be, I've learn how to control my feelings and emotions, to be aware of the synchronocity and connection to everything around me, be it another human being, an animal even the inanimate objects and the reasons behind each encounter I have with them.

Another book I just read and truly am thankful that I came across was Deepak Chopra's The 7 Laws of Spiritual Success. In his book he tackles the issue of people having hard times livings when we are not suppose to. There is a simplier way of living if we only allow ourselves to act on our potential to be great in whatever we do, and to realize that the power is within us to change our lives, achieve the happiness that we thought had been eluding us and the freedom to be just ourselves.

We are creative beings, and the universe is ours to command, but we don't know how for thousands of reasons, but to simplify it, we are so distracted by the secular world that we forgot about the basics.

Our ancestors sometimes amazes us with their knowledge of the world, they are far more advanced compared to us today in terms of understanding the way of the universe. Why? Because there are no distractons to occupy their daily existence and their lives were much, much simplier.

Each Law represents a part of that is naturally occuring around us. Each act, when imbibed is easy and worth trying. No Law in the book is impossible nor hard to understand. I am trying to practice one Law a day until I get the hang of it and surely something better will come up of it.

Summarizing, the first law is about awareness, if we are aware of the potential of everything, and not to create rift between what is now and what we want to be a now, simpl not judging anythng that occurs and just let it be as it is, we are open to to potentiality. The second law is the about giving, to freely give from the heart that is the true essence of this law. Everyday, we must give anything we can to the universe, to a person to something. Taking are of the environment is one way of giving bac kto the world, a simple compliment or a greeting is giving back to another, a gift can be tangible or non tangible and it does not matter. Third law as everybody is aware of this is the Law of Karma, the cause and effect, whatever we do, we get it back and that is given already. Do good, then good things will happen, do the opposite and you'll get it's effect.

To be defenseless, or try not convince others to your point of view, to let the moment as it is, to keep within yourself that "ego trip" to win an issue for the sake of lifting your self-worth, is what hte fourth law is all about.Remaining open to all kinds of views and not to struggle with the moment. Have you wanted something so bad that if you put your mind to it, eventually you'll have it? Intention and Desire is the fifth law.

The sixth leads to becoming free from attachment, we should not be running after things that are not really that worth going for. Most of the times we simply get too hung up on things, moment, a feeling, a memory that it stagnates our growth spiritually. Remember that these things are all passing, but our lives goes on.

Ever wanted to know your purpose in life? Try these, know your talent, and share it with others, what are you so passionate about that not only creates inner joy to you and to anyone around you? Ask yourself always, "How can I serve?" instead of "What's in it for me?" and you're on way to a blessed life, that's the seventh Law.

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