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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Difference Between the Life We Live and Living a Life

We may think that we are living the "ideal" life, doing the things we "think" we are supposed to do, or acquired to do, or better yet, forced to do. We may "think" that having that much amount of money in our accounts, big house, a car, a stable job and things you can have is the perfect life.

To some, maybe, to many, a dream, but to a few, it's another story.

Yesterday I was asked about my future by my Sudani colleague at work. The conversation goes a little like this:

"Do you save?" Out of the blue, he asked.
"Save what?" I answered.
"For your future, do you save enough money for your future?"
"Why? Why do I need to save?"
"Of course, so that you can buy a house, a car, or go travel. Be secure."
"Why do I need those?"
by this time, my colleague looks a bit puzzled.
"You don't need those? When you grow old what will you do?"
I said, "I will sit down on a corner and read a book."
"What? Just read a book? How about your children, when you have children, how you will send them to school."
"Of course, I will send them to school, feed them, buy them things they need, but I am not thinking about it now."

It's his turn now to ask the questions, "Why?"
"You see, I try not to worry about the future, cause we have no idea what our future is. We can die today, or tomorrow, who knows? What I am worrying about is today because my future will depend on what I do today, now. If I do good today, then tomorrow will be better, I will wake up tomorrow feeling good knowing that I did good yesterday."

"What you mean, I don't understand."
"It's just like this, my friend, I don't worry about my future, simply because I know my future will ok, that's all I need to know. I don't save because I know I will be provided for."

"By who?"
"By Allah."
"Oh yes, Allah will be providing you."
he said, "but still, that's not how it works."
"Haha, this will not end Habibi, rest assured, I will be fine."
"Ok. You don't want to be rich?"
"I am rich, not with money, but with love.

"Yes, my friend, I am rich, I have my family, my friends, I have good health, I have work, I have air to breath, I can see and hear you. I am blessed, what else do I need?"
He looks so puzzled and maybe he does really not understand what I am talking about. But I am not being philosophical, I think I just answered his questions the way I am viewing my life today. Don't get me wrong, I do get worried, but I readily brush the thoughts and feelings aside. I just say a little prayer and live it all to God, the Universe, the Spirit to take care of the rest.

I am in constant battle between the life I live and the life I am suppose to be living. What kind of life is that? One that is always happy and at peace with anyone and the world. How is that, that is impossible?! No it is not, it's just a matter of turning the mind to the basic things, clearing the mind of worries and woes, looking at things on different perspective and simply find joy in all you do.

The world is already too messed up to contribute more into it. Life is simple and short to have too many hang ups and worries. We are rich and blessed with so much things that we take this for granted. We always look at the big picture when the small things are the things the matters most.

We are always vigilant with the things we can have, we can get, we can obtain, and not too much on what we can give, share and let go.
The universe is calling out loud for a shower of power, strength, peace, joy and love, but only few are able to hear and receive it.
Listen, open your mind and your heart. The key to life's ultimate bliss is inside us. It's always been there, we just have to find how to release it and each of us has our own unique way of finding it.

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