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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Must Write, Must Write, Must Write, Alright?!

Yeah, I've been meaning to write, a short story, a novel or something in general, I think I already mentioned here in my blog, sometime ago, that I would like to write.

But whenever I start with a paragraph or two or a whole page, I stop.

Just stop and lose the itch.

I have lots of ideas in my head, even actual experiences that I really would like to share with you in book form, I wish!

But how to get motivated? How to be consistent? I read the basics, the know-how's,
creating characters, plotting story lines, but I always find myself just starting.

I have a feeling that I can be a good writer (yeah, that's the spirit!) maybe I just need to be pushed and pushed and pushed.

Or needs to get inspired, really inspired.

But will still try, try and try, until I see a finished story.

1 comment:

  1. Hay pareho lang tayo. But more than an inspiration, did you know that it takes discipline to write. (Wala ako nun; marami akong inspiration).

    My favorite write Isabel Allende writes at a particular date. She cleans her place and lights a candle and she sits in front of her PC waiting for the first word to arrive. After the first, she types her work until she tires up.

    Ganuon ang gusto ko.

    Pero ako, after half a page, tinatamad na ako.

    Keep it up, Carlo, and please share me your work when you're done. I can be a very good critic (and I criticize very good! hehe!).