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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Angel Card - The Guardian Angel of Youth

My Angel Card today is The Guardian Angel of Youth, timely cause everything that is happening to me lately seemed like I am starting all over again.

There had been a series of events that when I put it all together brings me to a thinking that maybe God is telling me that it is time to put all things behind me, learned from it, the future still awaits and a new beginning is in order.

The Angel of Youth also tells that I must regain my enthusiasm in life and what it has to offer, be bold, assertive, explore and never be afraid to make mistakes.
The lesson here is to let go of old things and let new experiences come.

Surely, this renewed spirit in me will have to be recognized and put into good use.
A friend told me to write a book, maybe I'll try that.
I've been itching to paint, maybe I'll do that too.

Well, whatever I start to do, pray tell I'd finish it, anyway the Guardian Angel of Youth is there to guide me, wish me luck.

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