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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Israeli Artist - Yehonathan Gatro

Seldom we see artist who were brave enough to come out of the closet and tell the world who they really are, mostly try to hide their secret, but eventually would be the subject of tabloids and blind items that either make or break their careers.

To those brothers and sisters who were brave enough, congratulations and the real meaning of freedom is really enjoyed.

I came across this artist in Facebook by chance and I was amazed and inspired by his story. He is an Israeli (never thought that GLTB community in Israel is alive, thriving and open!) named Yehonathan Gatro.

He started his show business career pretending that he is straight, singing and acting both live and on TV. Until he decided to find himself by going to LA, and after a few years returned to his home country and made a gay-themed MTV that shocked many of his friends, acquaintances, the public and fans. Nevertheless, he came out victorious and his music career and TV Series (gay-themed also ala Queer-As- Folk) became a hit. His music is being played at discos and parties, I myself tried to download most of them (through YOU TUBE)and enjoying playing them in my room.

I like listening to it while working out, or just simply like to uplift my spirit, sometimes dancing to it, the techno-house beat would surely make one stomp his feet.
The lyrics also is so meaningful and I am sure these comes from his own personal experiences which is great.

I have a list of people I would like to meet in my lifetime and I surely will include Yehonathan in that list. I am in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, well, Israel is not that far away.

The aptly-titled “My Turn” is Yehonathan’s first, full-length English album and EP and debuts in May of this year. His video of “Just Another Summer” receives its worldwide premiere on Logo. Yehonathan is introduced to America as the cover man and featured interview in Instinct Magazine’s May issue.

Surely this man will go places as he has the determination. I, too, maybe someday will have the same achievement, maybe in another field, who knows, we gay people are determined, industrious and talented bunch.

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