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Friday, December 2, 2011

So What and Who Cares?

Before anyone raises an eyebrow, bear in mind that this is not something to be taken the way it is. I will simply try to talk about something mundane, that by saying "so what and who cares?" can be something entirely new. Stay with me.

I have adopted a new thinking, as my experiences have thought me, this may sound insensitive but really it is not, it's the "so what, who cares," attitude about issues that get me all annoyed, irritated even angered at times. It's also an attitude that some of my close friends adopted with great finesse. They didn't learned it from me, but often, when we’re talking about the trials in our lives, I would heard them saying “Who cares?” And of course they're right.

How many times we often get ourselves affected by something, only to realize in it's completely a waste of effort? We focus on and become distracted by issues in our lives, worry and let our imagination create all kinds of horrible scenarios. The worry just builds and goes on and on. It made us unproductive, eats away our energies and totaly unhelpful to us in having a balanced and complete version of ourselves.
These kind of thinking may take us over if left unchecked, and most of the time end up becoming a habit instead of a choice. I need a something to break the cycle, to wake me out of my wits of my imbalanced feelings.

And this works for me, the simple phrase: “So what? Who cares?”. I even try to say it to myself with some shoulder action. Spoken once, this phrase automatically stops the flow of my thinking and makes me smile.
Said repeatedly, and the truth of the message starts to sink in.

Didn’t have the job I wanted? So what? Seriously, does that truly matter to the overall reality of my existence?
Not where I wanted to be at this age? Haven’t achieved as much as I planned to? Who cares? Nobody, only me. I am also the only one who can do anything about it.
In the grand divine plan of things, I am but a tiny dot on an even more insignificant planet. Who’s noticing what I am and am not doing? No one. Just me. Who cares if I am the person I think I should be? No one. Just me. How significant are the trials in my life? Are they anything more than a tiny glip on the fabric of the universe?
I am trying to let go of all my insignificant concerns and turn my attention towards amazing possibilities and profound moments that is due my very existence. I become so busy complaining and getting affected
over and by small things that I haven’t realized there’s a whole wondrous world right behind me.

Really, no one but you cares about what’s happening in your life. This being the case, why would you bother to worry about the small and the insignificant? Sure, some attention might need to be paid to sorting out the "normalcy" of your life. But any extra energy spent on these areas is a waste. Let's try a little tough love on ourselves. When we find ourselves worrying over something or getting angered up about an issue, ask ourselves “So what, who cares?”
Then admit that we owe ourselves so much more than this pointless waste of energy. We deserve to be delighted, inspired, peaceful and energized.

Who cares? I care. I care that you make the effort to spend your energy in a way that is meaningful, in a way that counts.

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