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Friday, July 23, 2010

I Guess Life Is Short

Nobody died, nor anyone is sick, it's just that in this so-called journey of mine to find my inner self had lead me to expose most of my excess feelings and emotions that I've always try to hide.

Enough of the dramas, enough complaining and bickering. I just had enough of negative feelings and thoughts that it ate much of my energy. I could have directed them to a more useful and productive endeavor.

Life is too short. I was told by my spiritual teacher that all these things that I am going through were part of the process. Until I said enough, then that's the start of another phase, another step in my journey of self discovery. I had to get rid of my excess baggages for the journey to be light.

It is hard, really. But taking it a day at a time, at my own phase, at my own time, is worth every step.

So life is short, and it's a journey, and it never stops.

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