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Sunday, April 4, 2010

50 Books Challenge - For A Year

I got this idea from a website of bibliophiles and told myself why not? Although these guys were pretty serious about their hobbies and took up 100 books, I would like to start a bit small, like half of it.

So starting this month until the next in 2011, I will challenge myself to read 50 books, regardless of topic (as long as they are in interesting and good read) and we'll see.

I am already in one and got a few, new more in my keeping.

One of the best hobby to do really is reading for a lot of reasons, actually, for me one is that it makes us look beyond ourselves, we get to see sometimes our character and personalities right in front of us looking back in a way we never see before, and these characteristics can do things we've never done and knowing that we may can is very inspiring. Reading broadens one's horizons in looking at things in a different way. Sometimes the use of imagination sparks a hidden desire or a certain act which compelled us to be better than what we are now or something that we have been keeping and cannot express. Books even let us know how other people think and dream about as you can see this in their writing. It inspires to a never ending degree.

And much more, much, much more. My father loves to read, a lot, he loves espionage, war, action and all those that has to do with conspiracies within the military and the government. A policeman that he was, what else should I expect? I remember he bought me this series of books called A WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY when I was young, it's an encyclopedia incorporated with Disney characters which is a fun read. That's where I started my fascination with books. I can't recall much all the books I read all these years, but I would know given some "memory shaking" , oh well, and that is why also my heart broke when a fire incident burned most of my book collections a few months ago. Each book in my collection speaks of a certain moment which reminds me of people, an act, a time, even a memory like how perfumes and scents sometimes trigger experiences. Thus am starting a new collection now.

Nevertheless, I am taking up this challenge in the hope that others would be inspired to read and find it very satisfying and interesting. So would you join me?

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