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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another Week and Off To Riyadh

A few more days, less than a week to be exact, and I'll be going back to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I am asking myself if I am ready to face another year of doing the same routine once again. Am I? Well, yes, I will be doing the same for that's what I was hired to do at the same time that's work.

I am still feeling blessed that I have work, though God knows how much I am still hoping for something better, compensation wise, as things are not that cheap anymore.
A month stay in the Philippines has shown me that life is getting tougher day by day. I am still amazed as how people from the middle class down below the poverty line survive everyday.

I used to complain how much basic necessities cost everytime I went to the market, take note, wet market and not a supermarket for the prices there are too dreadful for me, anyway, as I was saying, I stopped my rantings as that's how things in the country nowadays.

Elections are coming and I don't really bother, forgive me for saying, but I don't really care. I am not a politics fan, just thinking about the country's present situation already made me brush off all these election bruhahas, and I know whoever sits in there inside the Philippine-version of the White House by the Pasig River will suffer the same fate as with the others. I'd rather stay away from politics than see all the negativities. I am sorry but I cannot see any positive thing in the Philippine government, well, that's me or until they bring the prize of a kilo of the ever so famous "galunggong" (mackerel scad) down to a very affordable prize as promised years and years ago by the late (may she rest in peace) president Corazon Aquino, which never did went down, maybe that's when I'll have my interest back.

Oh well, so a few days from now and I will see Riyadh, my second home and with me will be the hope that I can give a better life to my family, no, a more better life, God-willing. Actually, I am expecting something that was promised, and this, if ever will materialize would be a blessing, but if not, it's time to plan and use the opportunity to let another opportunity come.

God is good, He knows what we need, oh Lord, forgive me for wanting more, as you said yourself all we need to do is ask, I am not asking much but only to give me and my family something better. Amen

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